SheerID is an innovative technology company that makes it possible for retailers around the world to offer online promotions to qualified members of special interest groups. SheerID forms a bridge between the point-of-sale and any database, allowing retailers to verify that customers qualify for special offers like student discounts.
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How do we do it?

Glad you asked.

We are dedicated to delivering an instant, secure,
omnichannel solution for your brand.

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How do we do it?
Glad you asked

We are dedicated to delivering an instant, secure, omnichannel solution for your brand.

How we do it

SheerID is a bridge between your point-of-sale and high-assurance data. As that bridge, SheerID’s eligibility verification technology delivers an instant, secure, omnichannel solution that strengthens your customer experience instead of interrupting it.  With a complete menu of options at your fingertips, SheerID is completely customizable, and the price fits into any marketing budget.

Seamless Customer Experience

Your customer provides SheerID with minimal information by filling out a brief form. SheerID instantly verifies whether or not that information matches high-assurance data and returns a binary response to you. You define the branding, messaging, and customer journey. In many cases, your customer will not even realize they are being verified.

Your customers never leave your brand’s experience, and they are not required to join a third party community where they will be exposed to your competitors’ offers. You own the customer relationship and customer data.

Fully Customisable

SheerID combines several methods of verification to provide comprehensive coverage. With these configurable, cascading verification methods in place, SheerID can verify 100% of students, educators, and university employees. You decide which methods meet your verification needs.

You also determine when, where, and how you want verification to take place to maximize conversion rates. Form fields can be hosted on your website or by SheerID, and we offer customisable, trackable reward management and delivery solutions to relay offer redemption details to your successfully verified customers.

For further information regarding SheerID services and how we can implement into your international campaigns, contact us today.

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International Coverage and Support

SheerID student and educator eligibility verification solutions are currently available in over 30 countries, worldwide. To provide your customers with a consistent and localised user experience, verification forms and verification-related messages are available in several languages.

Advantages of using our service


SheerID provides instant verification of consumers for special offer eligibility. SheerID can be easily configured to fit any marketing campaign on a local or international scale.

Security Level

SheerID takes security very seriously. All transport of service calls is conducted over 2048-bit RSA-encrypted HTTPS channels. SheerID is SOC2 and PCI DSS Compliant.

No PII Exposure

SheerID limits the need for collecting sensitive, personal information from your consumers, while ensuring that they are who they say they are.

International Coverage

Eligibility verification solutions are currently available in over 30 countries, worldwide.

Real Time Reporting

Monitor your campaigns in real time by accessing verification results as they happen.

Proof of Concept

Our hosted verification service allows you to create and launch a verification protected marketing campaign without needing extensive time with your developers.

SheerID has the verification solution you’re looking for.