SheerID is an innovative technology company that makes it possible for retailers around the world to offer online promotions to qualified members of special interest groups. SheerID forms a bridge between the point-of-sale and any database, allowing retailers to verify that customers qualify for special offers like student discounts.
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Technical Specifications

SheerID’s solution requires no integration

With a complete menu of options at your fingertips, SheerID is completely customizable, and the price fits in to any marketing budget.


In a fraction of a second, the SheerID platform verifies whether an individual is affiliated with one of thousands of supported organizations like college students, paid membership organizations, associations, non-profits, and your biz-dev partners. Our system uses sophisticated request processing technology to efficiently route verification requests to one or more of our many secure data sources- users get fast accurate results.


The SheerID API is based on the principles of RESTful architecture and designed for true simplicity of integration. A rich developer center provides ample documentation for each service method as well as general API best practices, sample code, and more. Turn-key e-commerce plugins are available for many platforms, as well as developer-friendly SDKs which reduce the overhead of custom integrations.


The SheerID platform is built on a modern, industry-leading technology stack. Our infrastructure choices are made with an emphasis on performance, scalability, and standards compliance, with a preference for open source technology.


Redundant hosting at every level of our infrastructure with automatic fail-over guarantees high availability for our platform. Completely automated provisioning ensures that our servers are properly configured and identical to those which have been subjected to numerous automated regression and performance tests in our staging environments.


SheerID takes security very seriously. All transport of service calls is conducted over 2048-bit RSA-encrypted HTTPS channels. All available security patches for our software are applied frequently and our system is regularly audited for security vulnerabilities. OAuth Support allows for secure, manageable third-party integration.


The SheerID platform can easily be configured to the needs of all of our users. By specifying request metadata or applying defaults within the account’s configuration, API consumers are easily able to customize the required level of verification, the techniques used to verify, and the groups of consumers to target. SheerID also offers a number of plugins for some of the most popular ecommerce platforms and a hosted verification solution that requires no implementation.