SheerID is an innovative technology company that makes it possible for retailers around the world to offer online promotions to qualified members of special interest groups. SheerID forms a bridge between the point-of-sale and any database, allowing retailers to verify that customers qualify for special offers like student discounts.
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With SheerID’s highly configurable verification implementation
options, you can deliver a premium customer experience.

Customized Fields

SheerID requires minimal information from your customers to verify their eligibility. You have the ability to add extra form fields or newsletter opt-ins to your verification forms. Use customer-provided information to personalize and segment your future marketing campaigns.

Maintain brand integrity

Our verification process doesn’t interrupt your existing customer journey. Customers do not leave your branded environment, and they are not required to join a 3rd party community. You own the customer experience, relationship, and data. We do not retain your customers’ information.

Decide who is eligible

Who do you want to redeem your offer- currently enrolled college students, incoming freshman, recent graduates, or all of the above? With SheerID, you determine who is eligible for your offer, and we simply enforce your criteria. Through a combination of verification methods, SheerID offers comprehensive coverage in thirty-nine countries as well as customized forms in multiple languages.

Deliver a streamlined experience

SheerID can instantly verify eligibility in only two steps. In many cases, customers do not even realize they have been verified. Verification can take place pre-purchase, post-purchase, during account set-up, or at any other point in your existing user flow.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

SheerID hosted solutions require very little assistance from your internal development or IT staff. Whether you want a stand alone landing page or a verification form embedded within your existing site, we can have it up and running in only six business days. If your team prefers complete control, we also support API integrations.

Control the messaging

While we’re happy to provide examples and best practices, ultimately, you control where verification takes place, what messages are delivered to customers throughout the verification process, and how rewards are delivered.

Chances are we have a demo that matches your specific industry. Let us show you.

  • Instant Verification using University Student Login (SSO Verification Method)
  • Email Loop Verification Method
  • Instant IP Address Verification Method
  • Document Review Verification Method for 100% coverage
  • Configurable Cascading Verification Methods for comprehensive coverage
  • Verification and segmentation for students, educators and university employees
  • Configurable and trackable verification reward management and delivery
  • Student and Educator eligibility verification in 39 countries
  • Verification form presented in selected non-English language
  • Integrated into branded consumer flow
  • Privacy Policy Friendly – customer data and contact information is not kept by vendor
  • Customizable
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