SheerID is an innovative technology company that makes it possible for retailers around the world to offer online promotions to qualified members of special interest groups. SheerID forms a bridge between the point-of-sale and any database, allowing retailers to verify that customers qualify for special offers like student discounts.
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What we do,

we do best.

Eliminate discount fraud, ensure margin and
profit protection, and scale personalized
campaigns with instant eligibility verification.

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What we do, we do best

Eliminate special offer fraud, ensure margin and
profit protection, and scale personalized campaigns with instant eligibility verification.

Details that make a difference

Eligibility Verification

SheerID provides instant verification of consumers for special offer eligibility. SheerID can be easily configured to fit any marketing campaign on a local or international scale.

Scaleable Solution

Be it a full-time exclusive offer, or special one-time exclusive, our solution can scale up or down to meet the immediate demands of your special program.

Protect Sensitive Data

SheerID limits the need for collecting sensitive, personal information from your consumers, while ensuring that they are who they say they are.

Student Verification

With SheerID’s eligibility verification, your customers are never required to join a 3rd party community, purchase a special card, or leave your e-commerce site.

Teacher Verification

SheerID’s teacher verification solution allows you to openly market your special offers to teachers without worrying about margin erosion.

Military Verification

Qualified military members can be verified instantly, either in your existing shopping cart or using a SheerID hosted verification portal.

Ready to implement student verification for your next marketing campaign? Contact us today.

Instantly Verify

Eligibility verification from SheerID gives organizations the ability to protect special offers with instant, accurate customer verification.

The SheerID technology can be customized to fit your existing customer experience, ensuring that they never have to leave your website. Your customers can shop, confirm their eligibility, and purchase at the special rate all within your website.

Our responsive design allows for multi-channel implementation of all your special, exclusive offers on each of the channels your customers use to shop, whether it be on their desktop, mobile device, through call centers and more. Customization of every aspect of implementation allows our verification to adhere to the specific needs of your business.

In addition to protecting your special offers, our verification can give you the control of your marketing campaigns, empowering you to engage your customers with exclusive offers. Our customers have seen increased web traffic and loyalty from customers, while knowing their offers are protected from fraud. Ensure your customer personally identifiable information is handled with the highest level of security and compliance by taking the burden of proof off of your in-store staff.

Simple, fast, necessary. The secret weapon of your exclusive marketing campaigns.

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