SheerID is an innovative technology company that makes it possible for retailers around the world to offer online promotions to qualified members of special interest groups. SheerID forms a bridge between the point-of-sale and any database, allowing retailers to verify that customers qualify for special offers like student discounts.
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Instant Eligibility Verification

Attract budget-savvy university students with exclusive pricing
and deals offered directly through your website, by you and only you.

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Instant Eligibility Verification

Attract budget-savvy university students with exclusive pricing and deals offered directly through your website, by you and only you.

Your branding, your offer,
your way

With SheerID’s eligibility verification, your customers are never required to join a 3rd party community, purchase a special card, or leave your e-commerce site in order to verify their eligibility. You control the messaging, determine the customer experience, and maintain ownership of your customer relationships and data.

Uninterrupted omnichannel customer experience

Creating a complicated shopping experience for your customers negatively impacts conversion rates. SheerID verification solutions can be implemented across multiple channels to create a consistent user experience in-store, online, and on mobile devices. You choose where and when you want verification to take place.

100% coverage

Using configurable cascading verification methods, including document review, SheerID is the only verification service provider that ensures 100% comprehensive coverage of all university students. This guarantees that your customers are granted a path to verification, providing you with optimal conversion rates and confidence that your eligible customers are getting the price they qualify for.

Increase market share in a key demographic

With SheerID verification in place, there is no need to bury your student programs on hidden landing pages or in gated communities alongside your competitors’ offers. Word-of-mouth and online searches are two of the biggest influencers of this demographic’s purchases. SheerID’s student verification solution not only allows you to openly market to university students, but also provides you with the assurance that your special offers are protected from those that don’t qualify.

Personalise your marketing campaigns

Through SheerID’s verification process, you can gain valuable customer intelligence about your student customers that you can’t get anywhere else. You can add optional fields to SheerID’s verification forms, allowing your customers to volunteer information you can use to create ongoing marketing campaigns with personalized messaging and real value to keep them coming back.

Ready to implement student verification for your next marketing campaign? Contact us today.

Gain confidence that only eligible students can redeem your offers

A recent study in the UK revealed that 57% of graduates admitted to using expired student cards to get student pricing. SheerID’s configurable solutions allow you to determine who is eligible for your exclusive offers while our high-assurance verification methods prevent fraud and discount abuse.

Reaching the university student market

Whether you are thinking of creating a new student offer, or expanding an existing promotion, students are a key demographic for brands that want to maximize the lifetime value of their customers.

There are over 36 million postsecondary students in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.  University students are ideal customers for businesses because:

  • They are price savvy, often doing research to find the best deals
  • They will soon become the largest demographic group in terms of spending power
  • They are incredible word-of-mouth marketers, sharing via social media and on-campus

SheerID can verify student enrollment in over 30 countries. Contact us to check our availability in your location.